Wendy Kinney has devoted most of her working life to the study of marketing and has experienced, again and again, the power and profitability of personal referrals.

She has developed a multi-layered approach for creating a network of relationships and shares the approach through lively, engaging and content-filled workshops and seminars.

Corporations and Associations call on Wendy to deliver her workshops in a variety of formats and venues: keynotes, as a luncheon speaker, breakout sessions and in-house training.

She is a frequent guest speaker at National Sales Meetings, Trade Association Conventions, Trade Association Meetings or Business-Building Clinics.

Wendy Kinney's programs are structured to address the needs of the organization or company. When you book Wendy to deliver a speech or a workshop, count on this:

  • high energy, content-rich sessions
  • participants who learn - while they're at the event - how to get more from the event
  • easy-to-follow processes for building a referral network

Book Wendy Kinney to speak at your organization or for your function and enjoy great feedback from the participants. Attendees always appreciate the industry-specific knowledge they gain from a meeting, but they also always complain that they didn't really meet many people during the event. Wendy Kinney will teach them how to meet - and follow up with - other professionals who could send referral business their way.


Do the comment sheets from your events say "great information - wish there was time for networking".

Wendy Kinney's workshops will show them how to make connections that continue after the event.

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