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Fishing For Referrals In The River Of Life

Provide a roadmap of ideas that lead participants to referrals.

Add this to your program if...

  • As a meeting planner, you need something interactive and enjoyable but primarily beneficial during or after lunch
  • You're planning an event for a women's group or a large gathering of employees of the same company
  • As a sales executive, you listen to your sales reps' assurances about their "friends who know people"...but the friends never deliver referrals

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales staff, account executives, entrepreneurs who expect referrals to come directly (and without additional effort)  from good work
  • Employers who pay for their sales staff lunches (and their guests' lunches) and expect new business as a result
  • New business owners who expect friends to be their sales force

Top 3 Takeaways for Attendees

  1. Why referral-generating words are not sales-generating words
  2. Why asking for referrals could be offensive
  3. Why referrals don't come exclusively from people who receive referrals