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Meeting Planners

Wendy Kinney has perfected referral-based marketing techniques to attract clients, generate referrals, and build business.

In today's competitive environment, working smart is essential, relying on old methods to generate contacts doesn't work.

Sales Managers are routinely frustrated with sales people who spend hours on direct mail and cold calling with disapointing results. Or worse, sales people who join Associations but use the meetings as a time to catch up with their friends, instead of meeting new people. There's a better way for to generate new business.

When meeting planners, sales managers, professional development specialists, and other executives want to unleash the power of networking in their organization, Wendy is who they call. Even the most effective rainmakers learn new ways to leverage networking opportunities.

Each presentation is tailored to specific requirements, and available in a variety of formats, including:

  • Interactive lunch-and-learn seminars
  • Hands-on, facilitated workshops for up to 90 people
  • Trade show role playing scenarios using your booth installation
  • Keynote addresses
  • 90-minute training sessions
  • Networking exercises for as many as 3000!


Energize your audiences with the proven techniques of referral-based marketing. They'll be rushing out to go make money!