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Etiquette: Vitamins For Business

Because all things being equal, things are never equal. Etiquette is the competitive advantage.

Add this to your program if...

  • As a meeting planner, you've seen negative comments about the cliques and the clichés at events
  • You're planning an event for new sales professionals or entrepreneurs
  • As a sales executive, you have several sales rep who've all been trained the same way, yet one or two of the reps don't achieve what the others do, and you don't know why

Who Should Attend?

  • New business owners who have questions about what's correct and don't know who to ask
  • Entrepreneurs who are technically savvy but who are afraid they aren't "doing sales" right
  • Sales reps who are proud to say "in my day, the man opened the door for the lady"

Top 3 Takeaways for Attendees

  1. Understand the difference between business and social etiquette
  2. Use the knowledge to attain success (82% of career failures are due to not working well with others)
  3. Understand the reality of personal control over whether people like or don't like us