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Networking Aerobics: Cardio For Your Wallet

Jumpstart people meeting, interest, and energy; anticipate measurable results.

Add this to your program if...

  • As a meeting planner, you've seen low ratings on networking benefits at events
  • You're planning an event for sales professionals or entrepreneurs
  • As a sales executive, you've watched in dismay as your rainmakers chat with each other at business mixers, instead of meeting new people

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales staff, account executives, entrepreneurs who are responsible for their own income
  • Employers who pay for their staff's networking activities and association memberships
  • People who hate open networking events -- who skip them as often as they can, who walk out thinking "that was a waste of time", who arrive just after it starts and leave just before it's over

Top 3 Takeaways for Attendees

  1. Know how to start - and end - a conversation at a networking event
  2. Know what to talk about before talking about business
  3. Know how to build a profitable follow-through system