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3-Way Impressions

Wendy Kinney

At last count, there were 281,421,906 people in the United States. It doesn’t matter so how many of them have met one of your sales people, but how many remember meeting a representative from your company.

Pass on this 3-way strategy to make your sales force more memorable:


To speak with someone you don’t know, start communicating with your eyes. The 10-foot rule is a good one. From about 10 feet away, make eye contact and smile before you say anything. Don’t rush it. Allow time for a visual first impression.


In his book “Networking with the Affluent,” Dr. Thomas Stanley argues that people recognize their peers by how they’re dressed. Check your hair, tie, make-up. Be pressed and polished. Check front and back. Be sure that the people you want to do business with recognize you as “one of them.”


A critical remark, whining tone, or a comment that belies frustration can be a real turn-off to someone you’re just meeting. Even if you’ve been stuck in traffic or exasperated by poor service, vent your frustration at the gym, not at a meeting. Give people strong reasons to want to know you better – not to avoid you as a crank.

More than a few of the 281 million people in the country are your competition. Make sure your sales pros outpace them with a strong first impression.